Used pneumatic pile driver on wheels with impact hammer to drive guadrail posts

Equipment :

Air pile driver (for guardrail posts driving)

Year of manufacture :
Counter hours :
Price excl.taxes : On request
Location : FRANCE
Technical details :

Available in used condition or after complete reconditioning (hoses, wheel treads, new paint)

  • Advancement and pneumatic brake
  • Lateral move
  • Vertical mast adjustable in the 3 dimensions
  • Wheel adjustment in both directions (transport mode and working mode)
  • Lifting of the upper part of the mast by gas cylinders
  • Lifting of the hammer by winch
  • Other options on request
Technical details :

The air guardrail post pile drivers are ideal for guard rail posts / highway crash barriers installations and offer a robust and durable solution with low operating costs.

These machines are compact (folding mast) and lightweight making them easy to transport to the site. They can be fitted with different model of impact hammer and only require a 2200 to 3500 liter compressor to power them.