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« USED-PILEDRIVER.COM » is a selling site specialized in used pile-driving equipment. It offers promotion and sale of equipment available among the global professional sector.
In order to sell your equipment on “ WWW.USED-PILEDRIVER.COM ”, please send a detailed description of your equipment with the following elements to

  • Trademark and kind of equipment
  • Technical data
  • YOM
  • Equipment condition detailed with repairs made or to be made
  • Any additional equipment (ex: clamp, X plate, hoses)
  • Option (ex: wireless remote control, gearbox cooling)
  • 1 picture minimum (jpeg), 10 maximum
  • Warranty (if available)
  • Weights and dimensions of equipment for transport
  • Place of storage and visibility equipment
  • Your fixed selling price in case of sale
  • Your payment terms (the standard required to customers will be the total payment before shipment)
  • Your complete contact information (required)

Once the information received, the proposed equipment will be online within a maximum period of 24 hours.
For each request made on equipment via , we will establish a quotation for the customer containing all information supplied by the seller.
We will offer the equipment with a margin defined by ourselves depending on the market. For sales through , we will ask a proforma invoice with bank details of the seller for regulations before dispatch. Under no circumstances will the seller claim more than the offer we shall receive at

To ease the process of transportation, we may ask you for a quote on the delivery of the equipment on a given destination (not compulsory).
The seller agrees to provide the equipment as detailed in the description received at: .
The seller agrees to inform us as soon as the proposed equipment is no longer available for sale.

If the seller (just the manufacturers) has a dealer in the country where the request come, we pledge to send the request to this dealer and a commission of 3% will be required in case of sale to the customer find by . For that, Manufacturers have to send the list of countries where they have dealers with the first equipment proposed. Special contract with 2% commission is possible if the seller give the exclusive sale of his used equipment to

In case of sale of the equipment not in accordance with the information provided, the seller is prohibited from sale on the site and will be prosecuted according to the International laws in force at the time of the sale.

For more information about our service, please contact us at: